case study - Normanby Bridge

Project Overview

The Normanby Road bridge replaces what was once a level rail crossing and permanently removes the interface between people and cars with trains, improving safety for pedestrians. 

In addition to bridge fit-outs, power, water, fibre and gas services were transferred from the temporary bridge onto the new bridge space. 

Ascon’s Role

Ascon was contracted to construct parts of the bridge, specifically working on the pier heads and the abutments.  

Ascon was also recruited for this project for our leadership capabilities. By prioritising our values, we effectively lead teams with a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. 

Communication, Collaboration and Prioritising Safety

Navigating the project came with its fair share of obstacles, specifically surrounding roles and responsibilities. Initially brought on for a supervision role, there appeared to be overlapping responsibilities with another supervisor on-site. This required effective collaboration between Ascon and the other supervisor. 

Clear communication was key. The initial approach was to be compliant with Ascon willing to follow directives to ensure smooth project progression. By taking a backseat and pointing stakeholders towards the direct supervisory personnel, we were able to foster a collaborative environment. Instead of competing for authority, Ascon and the other supervisor leveraged each other's strengths, leading to better project outcomes. 

From a technical standpoint, there were elements of the bridge, such as pier heads and abutments, that presented notable challenges as the bridge required precision and expertise. These structural parts were crucial, serving as foundational supports.  

While the bridge work posed its challenges, especially around engineering aspects, our past experiences on projects such as the revamp of the downtown ferry terminal provided valuable insights. 

Prioritising health and safety was paramount with this project. With elements such as working at heights and the potential risks associated with crane operations in confined spaces, Ascon had to ensure we adhered to strict safety protocols. One approach we implemented was daily morning and afternoon briefings. This ensured all team members were aligned on tasks, safety protocols and any changes that may have occurred throughout the day. 

Ascon’s value  

The project’s completion paved the way for Ascon’s involvement with City Rail Link. 

The bridge project serves as a testament to the power of communication, collaboration, and a commitment to safety. By addressing challenges head-on and fostering an environment of understanding and teamwork, project leads can deliver outstanding results and open doors to further opportunities.