Specialist foundation drilling labour hire

Whether it’s for buildings, bridges, roads, or various structures, we understand the critical importance of a strong foundation.

Ascon's delivery is driven by our industry expertise in supporting teams with their foundation projects. By leveraging our experience across the latest drilling technologies and techniques and environmental understandings, your team can focus on other key areas of your project.

We prioritise building trusting relationships with our clients that ensures streamlined and successful project outcomes. 


We transform onsite culture

Founded in our values, we create an energised and motivated environment that feeds into every corner of a project.

By creating a positive culture onsite, we inspire productivity, increase efficiencies, and enhance communication so your drilling project is delivered on time and within budget.

Solutions delivered by experts

Your project needs experts. Using our team’s wealth of industry knowledge and experience, we ensure high-quality work and efficient operation for all drilling projects.

Enhance onsite performance

Having a high-performing team directly impacts your drilling project’s success. Our team helps enhance effective communication, coordination, and cooperation onsite, improving project outcomes. Ascon works closely with teams to create a united and collaborative environment.

Safety-first approach

Ascon takes a safety-first approach to every project. Our skilled personnel undergo regular safety training and follows strict safety protocols to ensure a safe working environment.

Staff we provide:

  • Foundation Drilling Experts

  • Health and Safety Reps

  • Piling Specialists

  • Heavy Machine Operators

  • Ground Anchoring

  • Concrete Placement

  • Grouting

  • Traffic controllers

  • Skilled labourers


"Getting teams to bond is is quite hard. However, Ascon helped us achieve a unified team by getting everyone to buy into the same goal.” Frank, Superintendent, Downer NZ

I’ve worked with many companies and I never seen people care so much for people like Ascon does.” 
Jayden, Superintendent, Soletanche Bachy

"Reliable, Punctual and Trustworthy with a can do attitude extremely organised. It was a real pleasure to have the privilege of Ascon's services. Safety standards are exceptional and often set the standard for all those involved in the project they are part of. I wouldn't hesitate to use or recommend Ascon Construction in the future". David, Superintendent, Heb Construction