case study - Queens Wharf Auckland Ferry Basin

Project Overview 

Queens Wharf Auckland Ferry Basin sees a major infrastructural uplift for Auckland’s ferry system, which serves six million passengers annually.  

The enhancement plan centred around the construction of six new wharves extending from Queen's Wharf and the decommissioning of the old Pier 3. This project, the most extensive in over a century for Auckland’s ferry system, aimed to accommodate the city’s growing transportation demands in response to the forecast of a 50% surge in passenger usage. 

Our role in the project  

Initially brought on board as a subcontractor for steel fixing, Ascon's role rapidly expanded as the client identified the diverse expertise and potential of our contractors, notably with carpentry and project leadership. 

Ascon was involved in numerous carpentry tasks, many of which were temporary, such as fit outs on pontoons preceding the installation of permanent fixtures. 

Under Ascon's guidance, certain areas of the project were more efficiently planned, and targets were achieved within the pre-defined timelines. Ascon’s focus on communication stood out.  

Working on Water 

Being on the water, the project brought with it some challenges. Particularly with tide-dependent tasks, making it essential to monitor tidal patterns daily. This element of the project sometimes posed scheduling challenges, as tides made the working conditions dangerous. 

Our expertise allowed us to make judgement calls if conditions became too rough to continue working. Despite the changing tide patterns, Ascon’s efficient leadership ensured there were no timeline delays. 

Another significant challenge was the need to match the materials, particularly the distinct red hue used in the original port construction over a century ago. Various building materials were trialled, with red builder's chalk being the perfect colour match. 

Ascon’s value  

Ascon’s approach to leadership and expertise, combined with effective communication strategies, ensured that the project was executed seamlessly. 

Despite the inherent challenges presented by the working conditions, Ascon's resilience, expertise, and innovative solutions ensured the timely and proficient completion of the project.  

Our role in the upgrade highlights the significance of choosing partners capable of adapting and delivering excellence consistently.